Recruiting the Right Online Marketing Company

The recent years have shown that an online marketing company is the fastest-growing form of marketing company it is possible to own, and will probably be for quite some time. Because online marketing is extraordinarily inexpensive, and more efficient per dollar than conventional marketing, many companies are forsaking radio and print ads and opting instead for AdWords, banner ads, and social advertising like Facebook and Twitter ‘verts.Of course, in any new pond, there are going to be a few big fish — but the beauty of the internet is the speed with which new, smaller firms and one person ‘agencies’ can get into the business, and the foolish ones are opting to try to earn their share of the marketplace by offering ridiculously inexpensive rates for their services. They’ll go out of business soon, but they’re really cheap while they last.So how does a small- to mid-sized company choose an online marketing company to represent them?The answer starts with budget: if you can’t afford a company, then cross it off. Of course, you also have to take into account that you really do get what you pay for: a truly inexpensive company is probably also truly cheap. With a little research, you might find a winner, but it’s always a gamble.The best scenario would be to find a company that offers pay-per-customer advertising, much like Google offers pay-per-click advertising. Then, you know that you’re actually getting exactly what you pay for. It seems unlikely, but there is an online marketing company offering exactly that service.

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